Most Sellers fill out disclosures honestly. What isn't disclosed however, could cost you later. Identifying issues before purchase will help you avoid pitfalls .


A well-documented Inspection  is good asset for negotiations with the Seller. It provides you with useful information for future repairs and maintenance-tips the new home may require.


Financial-return with ease of Sale, is the desire of all good business transactions.


Often contingent on a home inspection, it makes good business sense to have your own. It can detect previously unknown problems that you may wish to address prior to selling. Having a professionally prepared inspection in hand, offers Seller and Buyer confidence.


Commercial properties are unique. Investors need due-diligence and accurate documentation. KAI provides you 'boots on the ground', a continuous resource for informed investment decisions.



Apartment Inspection

Condominium Inspection

Home Inspection

Kohala Area Inspections is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Makapali Hawai'i

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